Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snap Happy Expectations

What should you wear??
Really, you should just wear what you are most comfortable in. I want to see your style! These are in fact, pictures of YOU! No matchy, matchy outfits or sunday best. I am all about casual fashion. I will say this........layer, layer, and more layers! It really adds depth and texture to the photos.

What will your session be like?
I truly believe in capturing moments.  Moments are made in the action of doing.  What I really love is to photograph with a journalistic approach.  Meaning, getting those shots of your little one or family doing things they love or enjoy.  Think of things that make you happy, that you love doing, that makes you, you.  Yes, the traditional sit-and-smile approach is very doable too, and I can make that happen for you, but I can honestly say that the photos of those moments when you are doing something you always do are priceless.    

Where should you get prints?
I recommend a more professional printing shop. My favorites are Snelson's Photo Lab in Springville or any Allen's or Ritz Camera. The quality is 100% better! Places like Walmart or Costco make color and cropping adjustments that really detract from the professional editing I do.

When will you receive your pics?
Since I professionally edit your photos, it takes 2-3 weeks for you to receive your CD of images. I know that this can seem like FOREVER, but it's well worth the wait! The extra effort put into editing will set your images apart from everyone elses.

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